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Get your free WAX! WAX faucet

THIS GAME IS PROVABLY FAIR! Please click on the ROLL button to get your Free WAX. The amount of Free WAX that you get will depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table below. You can come back and play every hour to win additional Free WAX each time!

0 - 9885 0.01249320 WAXP
9886 - 9985 0.13117855 WAXP
9986 - 9993 1.37737480 WAXP
9994 - 9997 14.46243540 WAXP
9998 - 9999 151.85557175 WAXP
10000 1594.48350336 WAXP

What is WAX?

WAX is a purpose-built blockchain and protocol token designed to make e-commerce transactions faster, easier, and safer for all participants. The WAX Blockchain uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its consensus mechanism and is fully backward compatible with EOS. The custom features and incentive mechanisms developed by WAX are designed to optimize the blockchain's usability in e-commerce, and encourage voting on guilds and proposals. WAX has created a suite of blockchain-based tools upon which dApps, marketplaces, and native non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are built. These tools include services to support e-commerce operations such as the WAX Cloud Wallet, SSO and OAUTH, a native RNG service, and a developer portal. The resulting technology reportedly represents a blockchain architecture with 500 millisecond block times, is fee-less for customers, and leverages voting rewards to incentivize participation in the selection of block producers and proposals